NEWS I A look at our 2020 Covid Year

HOMOGENESIS I New Production

Premiere at the 20th Cyprus Choreography Platform I 6th November 2020

HOMOGENESIS I New Production I Photos

20th Cyprus Choreography Platform I  6th November 2020

TAMATA on tour 2020

26th Kalamata Dance Festival I  26th August 2020


Dance Workshop I Garage21 Performing Arts Centre Corfu 

25th & 26th January 2020


TAMATA on tour 2020

1st Cyprus Choreography Showcase I  7th March 2020

X-it Dancetheatre was created in 2003 by the performer - artist  - choreographer Fotis Nikolaou in Athens, Greece.  The company bases its research in the field of dance and the intechange between other art forms (theatre, music, visual arts)