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Fotis Nikolaou was born in Famagusta, Cyprus. He graduated from the State School of Dance in Athens. He continued his studies in New York.

Founder and artistic director of X-it Dancetheatre.  With the company but also as a freelancer he presented his work in major festivals such as:  Biennale de la danse de Lyon, Athens & Epidavrous Festival, Tel Aviv Dance, Cyprus European/International Dance Festival, Kalamata International Dance Festival, Arc for dance Festival, Kypria International Festival, Dance Days Chania, Modum Dance Festival, Demetria International Festival and in Berlin and Hamburg.

He choreographed 7EVEN  for Black Box Dance Company in Holstebro, Denmark.  The piece was nominated for an Arets Reumert Prize for best dance performance of the the year.

He choreographed and co-directed with Thanasis Georgiou the dancetheatrical piece A little more for the Cyprus National Theatre. The production was also presented at the Athens Festival & Epidaurus 2011.

He was awarded the Theater Choreography Prize 2012-2013 at THOC Theatrical Awards for Elektra  - Orestes, The Trial with the Cyprus National Theater.

He choreographed Lonely Room and Kelifos for the Greek National Ballet Company. He also choreographed pieces for Diastasi Dance Company and Omada Dentro and the Great Ballets Cyprus.

He choreographed the operas Elektra for the Gothenburg Opera, Salome for the Malmoe Opera, Carmen and Orpheus and Euridice for the Greek National Opera all directed by Stephen Langridge and Jenufa for the Greek National Opera directed by Nicola Raab.

He choreographed for the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Olympic Games in Athens 2004 (Klepsidra - Closing Party).

As a dancer he collaborated with numerous dance companies choreographers and organizations in Greece, Cyprus, New York and Germany such as Edafos Dancetheatre, Oktana Dancetheatre,Harris Mandafounis Dance Co., Chorika, Wrong Movement, Noema Dance Works, Echo Arts, Aelion, Asomates Dynames, Ad Lib, Alexandra Wairstall, Angeliki Stellatou, Alexander Michael, Maria Messis, Antonis Antoniou, Omada Pende, the Athens Concert Hall, Thessaloniki Concert Hall and others.

As a choreographer he has also worked with major theatre directors and theatre companies in productions of ancient greek drama, contemporary and classical theatre. He collaborated with the Greek National Theater, The Arts Theater, Paravan, Paris Erotokritou, Michael Marmarinos, Hanan Snir, Stefanos Kotsikos, Giorgos Armenis,Tasos Mbantis and many others.

Since 1999 he gives classes, workshops and lectures for major dance and theatre schools and studios.

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