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HeartLand - A dark forest

...on atonement 


Heartland: the central or most important part of a country. Where a particular activity or belief has the most support and acceptance.

Heartland, a place of resistance, a place where the lost and tired bodies, souls without trances of strength or tolerance silently and quietly withdraw. Not to hide or to be forgotten . They go there,  where their deepest desires and fears linger. That place where they will meet with their truth and it will  either save them or push them forever to oblivion.

A confession room?  A purgatory?  A martyrdom?

Concept:  Fotis Nikolaou, Dimitris Spyrou 

Choreography:  Fotis Nikolaou

Music:  Dimitris Spyrou

Set design:  Elena Kotasvili

Masks: Martha Foka

Costumes:  Fotis Nikolaou, Dimitris Spyrou 

Light design:  Stavros Tartaris

Photos:  Loucas Stavrou, Alexis Vayianos



Fotis Nikolaou

Dimitris Spyrou


Commissioned  by the Cultural Services of the Cyprus Ministry of Culture.

Producer:  VitaminA


+ergio / Limassol / November 2019 (premiere)

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