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Spiegel im Spiegel

...on sexuality


A piece about the invisible social and personal boarders on sensitivity, tenderness and love between genders of the same sex. It negotiates the theme of male psyche and sexuality and how their long history of stereotypical behavior prevents them from indulging in intimate, personal and emotional encounters.


Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou

Video edit: Christodoulos Christodoulou

Video filming: Pantelis Frantzis

Costume design: Fotis Nikolaou

Light design: Panagiotis Manousis

Music: Tori Amos, Arvo Part, Heinrich Franz Biber, Marin Marais, Mikael Delta

Photography: Suzana Phialas

Producers: No_Body Festival, Dance Gate Nicosia, X-it Dancetheatre


Performers: Antonis Antoniou, Fotis Nikolaou



2nd No_Body Festival / Nicosia, Cyprus / November 2010 (premiere)




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