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...on loneliness


Lonely and isolated, the characters of “Waltz” embark on a journey into the unconscious in a desperate pursuit of happiness. This journey reveals both dreams and nightmares, a world made of light and shades; a fantacy circus inhabited by secret desires and untold fears.  In this world nobody remains unpunished.  Driven by fragments of memory the travelers reveal hidden sides of consciousness in an effort to find that long-forgotten innocent gaze of childhood that has been lost.


The world of “Waltz” is inspired by the glittering world of the circus and its poetic melancholy.


Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou

Direction: Thanasis Georgiou, Fotis Nikolaou

Music: Johann Sebastian Bach, Marin Marais, Heinrich Franz Biber, Anonymous, Adam Wysocki, Circus Contraption

Set &costume design: Natasa Grylaki

Light design: Panagiotis Manousis (2010), Filippos Koutsaftis (2009)

Sound: Rialena Nikodemou

Program design:

Photography: Alexandros Niangos, Georgios Voutsinas

Producer: X-it Dancetheatre

Supporter: Michael Cacoyannis Foundation


Performers: Antonis Antoniou, Ioanna Apostolou, Thanasis Georgiou, Roula Koutroumbeli, Katerina Liontou, Fotis Nikolaou, Despina Sidiropoulou

Music performer: Giorgos Demertzis



Kypria International Festival / Nicosia, Cyprus / September 2011

Kypria International Festival / Larnaca, Cyprus / September 2011

Kypria International Festival / Limasol, Cyprus / September 2011

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation / Athens, Greece / October 2010

Michael Cacoyannis Foundation / Athens, Greece / December 2009, January 2010 (premiere)


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