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A room to grow

...on the loss of innocence


Tonight, I will tell my story in past tense, as if it were a myth or an old story because tonight I need another age, to be in that age again, the one where I became what I am now ...

So, here is my life, this is it, if you like it and if you deserve it then I will not say no, not tonight.  But then again, if there is speech, if there are words why look for a story, why do we need a story, we just need a life, yes that was my mistake all along, one of my mistakes anyway, to want a story about myself, as if life itself was not enough.

Choreography: Fotis Nikolaou

Dramaturgy: Thanasis Georgiou

Music:  Dimitris Spyrou

Mask design: Martha Foka

Set & Costume design: Thanasis Georgiou, Fotis Nikolaou

Light design: Panagiotis Manousis

Music: Robert Schumann, Alva Noto, Antonio Vivaldi, Frederic Chopin, Hugo Peretti/Luigi Creatore /George David, Dimitris Miyakis, Dimitris Kamarotos

Video documentation: Padelis Fratzis

Photography: South space for photography, Yiannis Tourlides, Antonis Antoniou

Producers: X-it Dancetheatre, Playground for the Arts


Performers: Fotis Nikolaou, Dimitris Spyrou



Cyprus Miniatures / Berlin, Germany / November 2019

Open House Festival / Limassol, Cyprus / October 2017

Chania Dance Days / Chania, Crete / July 2016

Playground for the Arts / Athens, Greece/ November 2014

Solus Festival / Athens, Greece / May 2014 (premiere)

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